Livestock breeding
Our stock has high animal-health status, it is free from leukosis, tuberculosis,
brucellosis, IBR and BVD.

Our breeding animals come from Zirc and Hajdúszoboszló, the breeding is done with breeding bulls in harem.

Our bulls: the 2016 born Bendegúz (Ritter) and the 2017 born Barni (Thor). Bendegúz is a heterozygous hornless being, of Ofice fatherhood, the grandfather is a Cameos French bull. Barni is horned, we intend to strengthen the French bloodline in our stock by him, his father is Hussac, his grandfather is Eclair.

It is most important for us to serve our cattle as much as possible from the aspects of animal welfare and animal health.

Feeding is carried out in collaboration with UBM’s consultant from our own and purchased ingredients and various feed supplements.

Our animals are kept on pastures from May to the end of November, grazing is provided for on a periodic basis, and we can supply irrigation in case of drought. Covered summer accommodation with a relaxation mount and a health corridor is provided by us, and in winter a closed barn is available for our cattle.

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